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Aloha! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of data science in the beautiful Aloha State? Hawaii offers a unique blend of picturesque beaches, diverse culture, and cutting-edge technology, making it a fantastic destination for those pursuing data science programs in Hawaii. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the best data science programs, career opportunities, scholarships, and networking events that Hawaii has to offer! So, let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore data science education in Hawaii, with online courses, on-campus classes & bootcamps!

  • Discover career opportunities and scholarships to pursue a rewarding data science career!

  • Attend workshops, meetups & conferences for networking and knowledge growth.

Exploring Data Science Education in Hawaii

Data science, a dynamic interdisciplinary field, synthesizes computer science, mathematics, and domain expertise to derive insights and innovative solutions from vast amounts of data. Hawaii offers a diverse array of educational programs, including online courses, on-campus classes, and immersive bootcamps and workshops, all designed to cultivate the skills necessary for a career in data science and data collection.

Numerous universities in Hawaii, including Chaminade University, Hawaii Pacific University, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, offer programs related to data science. A master’s degree in data science is preferred by U.S. companies hiring top talent and can also open doors for academic research opportunities. Data scientists serve a pivotal role in businesses by unearthing significant data assets and developing machine learning algorithms to provide swift, accurate, and innovative solutions to business challenges.

Online Data Science Programs for Hawaii Residents

If you’re seeking a flexible learning environment, Hawaii provides a host of online data science programs to suit your requirements. Some top online programs available for Hawaii residents include:

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  • Syracuse University

  • Southern Methodist University

  • University of Denver

  • University of Hawaii

These programs cover a range of topics in computer sciences, including data management, machine learning, information architecture, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering.

In addition to master’s programs, there are also online graduate certificates such as the one offered by Hawaii Pacific University and undergraduate programs like the Academic Subject Certificate in Information and Computer Science at Leeward Community College. These programs provide a solid foundation in data science concepts and techniques, preparing students for a successful career in this exciting field.

On-Campus Data Science Programs in Hawaii

For individuals preferring a traditional learning environment, Hawaii offers an array of on-campus options. Chaminade University offers an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in data science, while the University of Hawaii, Hilo offers an on-campus undergraduate certificate in Data Science. These programs provide students with the core competencies required in the field through a comprehensive curriculum.

While the annual mean wage for data scientists in Hawaii is $84,200, the state’s relatively high cost of living should be taken into account. Nevertheless, the job prospects for data scientists in Hawaii are encouraging, given that fewer than 100 individuals are currently employed in this field in the state. Pursuing an on-campus data science program in Hawaii can provide a fantastic foundation for a rewarding and lucrative career.

Data Science Bootcamps and Workshops in Hawaii

Data science bootcamps and workshops provide immersive, practical learning experiences that enable rapid skill development and acquisition of practical knowledge. In Hawaii, you’ll find a variety of bootcamps and workshops that cover topics such as data wrangling, machine learning, and blockchain technology.

These bootcamps and workshops often focus on specific specialization tracks, such as:

  • Business analytics

  • Spatial science

  • Social science

  • Bioscience

  • Behavioral science

Attending a data science bootcamp or workshop in Hawaii can provide you with the opportunity to rapidly advance your skills and knowledge in an immersive learning environment.

Hawaii Data Science Institute (HI-DSI)

The Hawaii Data Science Institute (HI-DSI), a research and education initiative of the University of Hawaii system, is a significant contributor to the data science scene in Hawaii. HI-DSI supports data science education for the University of Hawaii system and local communities, focusing on interdisciplinary research and data science education. The institute also organizes events such as the Hawai’i Data Science Fellows Research Showcase, which features graduate fellows presenting their current research projects.

HI-DSI has been involved in various exciting research projects, such as the utilization of high-performance computing clusters for deep learning tasks and the Hawai’i Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) Change Hawaiʻi project. The institute also boasts a strong collaboration with the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii through the AI Faculty Puwalu Forum, an event focused on using AI to improve sensing for climate change, natural hazards, and ecosystem monitoring.

Research Initiatives at HI-DSI

With its research initiatives focused on interdisciplinary research and data science education, HI-DSI has established itself as a center of innovation and learning in Hawaii. Some of the institute’s groundbreaking research projects include the use of high-performance computing clusters for deep learning tasks and the Hawai’i Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) Change Hawaiʻi project, which focuses on understanding the effects of climate change on natural and human systems.

Another exciting research initiative at HI-DSI is the UH Pacific Center for Genome Research, which aims to better understand the causes of certain diseases that disproportionately impact different racial and ethnic groups, including Native Hawaiians and Asian Americans. Through these research initiatives, HI-DSI is driving innovation and fostering a culture of collaboration and growth in Hawaii’s data science community.

Educational Programs and Workshops at HI-DSI

Beyond its research initiatives, HI-DSI offers a variety of educational programs and workshops aimed at both data science students and professionals. These workshops cover essential cyberinfrastructure (CI) and data science skills, providing attendees with hands-on learning experiences that can help them advance their careers.

One example of an educational program offered by HI-DSI is the High Performance Computing Workshop, which focuses on the utilization of high-performance computing (HPC) clusters for deep learning tasks. These workshops and educational programs are held regularly throughout the year, providing ample opportunities for learning and professional development in the data science field.

Data Science Career Opportunities in Hawaii

A strong background in data science education and research opens up a plethora of career opportunities for data scientists in Hawaii. Top industries for data scientists in the state include healthcare, technology, financial services, and government. Prominent companies hiring data scientists in Hawaii include Peraton, HII, Parsons, and Indeed.

There is an increasing demand for data scientists in Hawaii, reflected in a positive job forecast and competitive remuneration. Hawaii is projected to need nearly 30,000 STEM jobs by 2028, indicating a growing demand for data science professionals in the state. By pursuing a data science education in Hawaii, you’ll be well-prepared to take advantage of these exciting career opportunities.

Top Industries for Data Scientists in Hawaii

Data scientists in Hawaii can work across various industries, using their skills to address complex challenges and spur innovation. Technology consulting firms like Booz Allen Hamilton are hiring data scientists to provide cutting-edge solutions for their clients. The healthcare industry is also utilizing data science in areas such as predictive analytics, healthcare databases, and supply chain optimization.

In the technology sector, data scientist roles include:

  • Writing complex reports

  • Analyzing and processing data

  • Applying various approaches to data analysis, including data visualization

  • Making sense of data to support the development of world-class solutions

With a diverse range of industries in need of data scientists, Hawaii provides an ideal environment for professionals to thrive and grow in their careers.

Prominent Companies Hiring Data Scientists in Hawaii

Several prominent companies in Hawaii are actively hiring data scientists to contribute to their growth and success, offering numerous data scientist jobs. Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading technology consulting firm, offers data science positions in various fields and industries. Deloitte, another top consulting firm, recruits data scientists to work on projects ranging from analytics to information security.

Hawaii Pacific Health, a healthcare provider, employs data scientists to analyze and process data related to patient outcomes, resource allocation, and other healthcare challenges. These companies, along with others in Hawaii, offer exciting opportunities for data scientists to apply their skills and contribute to the advancement of various industries.

Scholarships and Financial Aid for Data Science Students in Hawaii

Scholarships and financial aid can make pursuing a data science education in Hawaii more feasible. Several scholarships are available for data science students in Hawaii, including:

  • NSF Scholarships for Biological Data Science

  • H.E.A.R.T. Scholarships for Health Equity AI/ML Research and Training

  • Scholarships offered by Chaminade University

In addition to scholarships, financial aid options such as grants, loans, and work-study programs can help ease the financial burden of pursuing a data science education. By researching and applying for scholarships and financial aid, you can make the dream of pursuing a data science education in Hawaii a reality.

University-Based Scholarships and Assistantships

Many universities in Hawaii provide scholarships and assistantships to students studying data science. The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa provides scholarships for low-income students pursuing degrees in data science, while Chaminade University offers scholarships for new students majoring in data science, with preference given to students from Hawaii.

Assistantships, such as those offered through the Hawaii Data Science Institute (HI-DSI) Fellowship Program, provide graduate students with the opportunity to work alongside faculty and staff on research projects while receiving financial support. These university-based scholarships and assistantships can be a valuable resource for data science students seeking financial assistance to pursue their education.

External Scholarships and Grants

External scholarships and grants are also available to data science students in Hawaii. Some of these opportunities include the Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Program, OHA Native Hawaiian Science and Engineering Mentorship Program Scholarships, and Ike Wai Graduate Scholarship.

National and international scholarships are also available for data science students in Hawaii, such as the National Fisheries Corporation (NFC) Scholarship, National Science Foundation fellowships, and the Generation Google Scholarship. By exploring these external scholarships and grants, data science students in Hawaii can access additional financial support to help fund their education.

Data Science Events and Networking Opportunities in Hawaii

Data science events and networking opportunities in Hawaii offer a prime platform for students and professionals to connect, learn, and evolve in the field. These events include:

  • Meetups

  • Communities

  • Conferences

  • Workshops

These events cater to various interests and skill levels.

Attendance at data science events and networking opportunities in Hawaii enables you to expand your knowledge, hone your skills, and establish valuable connections with other professionals in the field. These experiences can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in data science, ultimately contributing to your professional growth and success.

Data Science Meetups and Communities

Several data science meetups and communities in Hawaii offer a welcoming environment for enthusiasts to connect and learn. Some of these meetups include the Hawaii Machine Learning Meetup, Women in Data Science Hawaii, and the Honolulu Data Science Group Meetup.

These meetups and communities provide a platform for data science professionals and enthusiasts to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and build lasting connections within the field. Attending data science meetups in Hawaii can offer numerous benefits, including networking, knowledge sharing, learning opportunities, collaboration, and career advancement.

Data Science Conferences and Workshops in Hawaii

Data science conferences and workshops in Hawaii provide attendees with opportunities for professional development and networking. Some notable conferences include the AI Faculty Puwalu Forum, Women in Data Science (WiDS) Hawaii Conference, and the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) in Honolulu.

These conferences and workshops cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • modern computational tools

  • statistics

  • machine learning

  • data mining

  • decision analytics

  • database construction

By attending data science conferences and workshops in Hawaii, you can gain valuable insights, learn new techniques, and connect with fellow professionals in the field.

Related STEM Degrees and Career Paths

If data science interests you, it may be worthwhile to explore related STEM degrees and career paths. Fields such as:

  • Computer science

  • Mathematics

  • Statistics

  • Engineering

  • Physics

can provide a strong foundation for a career in data science. Additionally, specialized degrees and certifications in data science, such as a Master of Science in Data Science or a Data Science Certificate, can offer an even more in-depth understanding of the field.

Earning a STEM degree in Hawaii could lead to thrilling careers in data science and other related disciplines. By exploring the various educational and career opportunities available in Hawaii, you can find the path that best aligns with your interests and goals.

Undergraduate STEM Degrees

Universities in Hawaii offer a wide range of undergraduate STEM degrees, including:

  • Interdisciplinary studies

  • Marine biology

  • Medical technology

  • Microbiology

  • Molecular biology and biochemistry

  • Computer science

  • Engineering

  • Physics

These programs provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen field and often include coursework in data science and related subjects.

Completing an undergraduate STEM degree in Hawaii can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a successful career in data science or a related field. With a diverse range of programs available, you can find the perfect fit for your interests and goals.

Graduate STEM Degrees and Career Guides

For those looking to advance their education in data science or a related discipline, Hawaii provides graduate STEM degrees in fields like:

  • finance

  • criminal justice

  • business analytics and information security

  • marine science

  • nursing

These advanced degrees can help you gain specialized knowledge and skills, opening doors to exciting careers and opportunities for growth.

In addition to formal degree programs, there are various career guides and resources available for STEM graduate students in Hawaii, such as:

  • Hawaii Public Schools STEM Program

  • Career Explorer Hawaii

  • STEMworks Hawaii

  • PBS Nova Labs

These resources can help guide you on your journey to a fulfilling career in data science or a related field.


In conclusion, Hawaii offers a vibrant ecosystem for data science education and careers. With a variety of online and on-campus programs, scholarships, and networking opportunities, you can pursue your passion for data science in the stunning Aloha State. So why wait? Dive into the world of data science in Hawaii and embark on a rewarding and exciting journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is best program for data science?

Scaler’s Data Science and Machine Learning Program – InterviewBit is the best program for data science, given its tailor-made nature and insights from advisors at top 50 tech companies. Additionally, it uses some of the leading data science tools such as SAS, Apache Spark, BigML, D3, MATLAB, Excel, ggplot2, and Tableau.

Is data science still in high demand?

Data science is still in high demand, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expecting it to grow by an astonishing 36% from 2021 to 2031. This far surpasses the average growth rate of 5%, confirming that data science is a rapidly expanding field.

What majors are best for data science?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in data science, consider getting a bachelor’s degree in data science, computer science, mathematics, data analytics, statistics, information technology, business, engineering or physics!

Is it worth majoring in data science?

A data science degree can definitely pay off with six-figure job opportunities, making it well worth the time and tuition cost. However, there are more affordable options to consider.

What are some top universities in Hawaii for data science education?

Experience a top-notch data science education at Chaminade University, Hawaii Pacific University, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa!

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