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Python SyntaxError

SyntaxError is a type of error that occurs in Python when the interpreter encounters an invalid syntax in the code. This can happen when there is a typo, a missing or extra character, or incorrect indentation. The error message will usually indicate the line number where the error occurred and provide a brief description of the problem. Here is an example of a SyntaxError:

if x = 5:
    print("x is 5")


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  Cell In[2], line 1
    if x = 5:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

This error occurred because the assignment operator = was used instead of the comparison operator == in the if statement.

Some of the common scenarios in which this occurs are –

  • Missing or incorrect syntax: This is the most common cause of SyntaxError. It occurs when there is a mistake in the syntax of the code, such as a missing parenthesis or a misplaced colon.
  • Incorrect indentation: Python relies on indentation to define blocks of code. If the indentation is incorrect, a SyntaxError will be raised.
  • Invalid characters: If the code contains invalid characters, such as non-ASCII characters or special characters that are not allowed in Python, a SyntaxError will be raised.
  • Mismatched quotes: If the quotes used to define a string are not matched, a SyntaxError will be raised.
  • Incorrect use of keywords: Python has a set of reserved keywords that cannot be used as variable names. If these keywords are used incorrectly, a SyntaxError will be raised.
  • Incorrect use of operators: If operators are used incorrectly, such as using the assignment operator instead of the equality operator, a SyntaxError will be raised.

The following tutorials cover some of the common SyntaxErrors in Python and how to resolve them with the help of some examples.

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