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Data Science Parichay is an initiative to help people starting in data science learn the skills through developing and applying strong fundamentals.

Check out our tutorials on a range of topics including NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc. We also have a number of python specific tutorials on topics like python for data science, strings, lists, dictionaries, etc.

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Latest Tutorials

We focus on community-based learning where people learn from active and engaging interactions from their fellows with mentors guiding them from time to time.


We help you with detailed tutorials with code examples to learn data science.

Community Learning

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We conduct sessions ranging from productivity, chapter discussions of relevant books to group projects to get you hands-on with data science and machine learning applications.

Shine On

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Work on your resume and profile to better prepare you for your first data science job.

We’re building a community of people like you who want to learn data science using some of the best resources that are available on the internet.