get values of pandas column as a numpy array

Pandas – Get Column Values as a Numpy Array

In this tutorial, we will know how to get the column values of a Pandas Dataframe as a Numpy Array.
Later, we will understand the same with the help of a few examples.

We can get the column values of a dataframe as a numpy array –

  • by the to_numpy() method
  • by the to_records() method

1. Using the to_numpy() method :

You can use the pandas series to_numpy() function to create a numpy array from the values of a pandas dataframe column.
We can directly apply the to_numpy() method to the column as shown in the syntax below.

Syntax: dataFrameName['ColumnName'].to_numpy()

2. Using the to_records() method.:

You can use the pandas dataframe to_records() method to first convert the dataframe to a numpy array (it returns a numpy recarray object, which you can think of as a numpy array that allows field access via attributes) and then access the specific column values as a 1d array.
The following is the syntax –

  arrayname = dataFrameName.to_records()

Here as you can see, firstly we convert the entire dataframe into records, and then access the column that we want from that set of records (the two-dimensional numpy array).

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We will now look at a few examples for a better understanding.

But before that, we will create a pandas dataframe that we will be using throughout this tutorial using the following command:

import pandas as pd

# employee data
data = {
    "Name": ["Jim", "Dwight", "Angela", "Tobi"],
    "Age": [26, 28, 27, 32],
    "Department": ["Sales", "Sales", "Accounting", "HR"]

# create pandas dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame(data)
# displays dataframe


pandas dataframe with employee information

Example 1: Using the to_numpy() function

get values of pandas column as a numpy array

Let’s get the values in the “Name” column as an array.

# get column values as numpy array


array(['Jim', 'Dwight', 'Angela', 'Tobi'], dtype=object)

Example 2: Using the to_records() function

# convert dataframe to a recarray
arr = df.to_records() 
# get column values as numpy array


array(['Jim', 'Dwight', 'Angela', 'Tobi'], dtype=object)


In this tutorial, we looked at how to get column values as an array in a Pandas dataframe. The following are the methods covered –

  • Use the pandas series to_numpy() method to get the values of a dataframe column as a numpy array.
  • Alternatively, you can use the numpy to_records() function to create a numpy recarray object and then get the column values as a 1d array from it.

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