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Parichay (परिचय ) is a Hindi word meaning “Introduction” and it’s exactly what we aim for with Data Science Parichay. Introducing learners (particularly, people starting out or those stuck in-between) to the field of data science, helping them with the best of publically available resources to become better data science practitioners. We want people to focus more on learning and collaborations to develop their skills rather than a mere “Certificate”.

The Data Science Parichay is an inclusive community open to anyone with the desire to learn data science. We want to help people starting out in the field, those who have started but are stuck due to lack of support and people who have the skills but are facing difficulties in getting their first job or internship in data science.

Yes. You’re more than welcome to join the Data Science Parichay community and it would be great if you could share your learnings and experience with the community. We do however request you to refrain from joining sessions and workshops on topics that you’re already proficient since we have a limited capacity which could be better utilized by someone who doesn’t know the topic.